The Range

18 lanes open and available 7 days a week


State Of The Art Range

On Target Firearms Range

With a total of 18 lanes that includes 4 private lanes available for professional training, certifications and overflow. On Target Firearms is the best indoor shooting range available in Monroe county. Our state-of-the-art range has superior ventilation, ballistic shooting booths, and automatic target retrieval system for ease of use, perfect for both the novice and the professional shooter. We also have a comfortable viewing lounge with coffee and vending machines. At on On Target Firearms, safety is our top priority and range officers are on hand for your safety, questions, and any shooting malfunctions that may occur.

While we are a public range and do not require memberships, we do have policies and procedures before being able to utilize the range. (please call or email for a complete list) All persons that wish to utilize the range must have firearms safety and shooting experience. We cannot accept inexperienced shooters to utilize the range under any circumstances. If you are in need of experience, we do offer a 3-hour basic safety and shooting fundamentals course that would give you the skills necessary to safely utilize the range and then practice your skills. Please inquire if interested. Please contact us with any questions you might have about our range before coming in.

Viewing Lounge

In additional to our showroom and other lounge areas, our viewing area offers tables, chairs, coffee, vending machines, TVs, and a view of the range.

Sit and relax in comfort before, while taking a break from shooting or after your shoot.

Firearm Rentals

On Target Firearms rents a variety of handguns for use in our range. For all handgun rentals, customers must possess a valid NY State Pistol Permit and must have firearms safety as well as shooting experience. No exceptions. All ammunition to be used with firearm rentals must be purchased from On Target Firearms.

There are a variety of rental packages available *We do not rent rifles or shotguns. Please contact us for more information