Classes & Private Instruction

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On Target Firearms Training

At On Target Firearms, our NRA-certified instructors offer a variety of group classes and private instruction to ensure you are knowledgeable in the handling of firearms, the cleaning and care of firearms, NY State firearm laws, and skill training to help you become more proficient in shooting and target accuracy.

All training is done onsite at On Target Firearms, in our start-of-the-art-classroom and range.

Group Classes

Group classes are a cost-effective way to further your firearm knowledge and skill. Classes offered include:

  • NRA Basic Pistol Class (9 hours).
  • General NYS Firearms Law and Basic Safety Course (3-4 hours).

On Target Firearms now also offers certified security guard classes:

  • NYS 47 hour firearms course for Armed Security Guards.  $500 for the course.
  • NYS 8 hour firearms course for Armed Security Guards recertification.  $120 for the course.
  • NYS 8 hour annual In-service training course for security guards.  $60 for the course.

* Please contact us for class times and registration

Private Instruction

We offer private 1-on-1 instruction with certified Instructors.  If you are new to firearms, or are looking for more advanced knowledge and skills, our individual Private Instruction may be right for you.

  • Private Instruction is available for both Handgun or Long gun.

* Please contact us to set up a convenient day and time